One by one

from by The Hops Party

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There's a guy in the Czech republic who owns more empty beer bottles than he can ever return back in the store. There's just too many of them. True story.


He’s a man, he’s got a family and a house
The house is loaded with empty beer bottles
For two years straight he's kept his glass

I’m talking thousands, he keeps bringing more
There’s not enough cases in the store
It’s too late for him, no lessons to learn
He reached the point of no return

Dear husband I want you to know
Either your bottles will go, or I’ll go
You have one day – then I’ll take our kids away

He doesn't drive he drinks and carries bottles in a bag
Returning them one-by-one will break his back
If he starts now, if he makes it quick
He may finish by the end of next week

Show some charity, bring your crew
Go find this man, next time it could be you
Stop this madness, save his family
Leave now, he needs help immediately


from Eurolagersceptic EP, released December 28, 2016
Music: The Hops Party
Lyrics: Hugo Trkal




The Hops Party Jicin, Czech Republic

The two of us - that's the band. We like simple, noisy rock'n'roll, cranked fuzz pedals and a lot of beer. Beer's the main topic of most of the songs. The rest is pretty much about how hard we suck on surf. Feel free to download our first record. Cheers. ... more

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