Bitterness Units

by The Hops Party

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One vintage drumset, one vintage guitar and a lot of hops. The Hops Party - Jičín - Czech republic. We like to keep it simple.


released December 13, 2014

DIY recorded in 2014 in several rehearsal rooms. We'd like to thank our friends for having us.
Drums recorded by Daniel Sýkora
Guitars recorded by Hugo Trkal
Vocals recorded by Hugo Trkal
special vocal guests: Jiří Franc jr. (04), Martin Florian (05)

Mixed and mastered by Hugo Trkal



all rights reserved


The Hops Party Jicin, Czech Republic

The two of us - that's the band. We like simple, noisy rock'n'roll, cranked fuzz pedals and a lot of beer. Beer's the main topic of most of the songs. The rest is pretty much about how hard we suck on surf. Feel free to download our first record. Cheers. ... more

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Track Name: Pulling triggers
Pulling triggers

What we have here is a dirty symbiosis
Don't look at me like I don't know what to do
You're in the mood I'm in the mood so let's do this
I know you want me, yes I want you too

I'll grab your neck and choke you just a little bit
Your head will shake to the rhythm of my moves
It might get loud but frankly I don't give a shit
I am your master and you my muse

Pull my trigger
Or maybe I will pull yours first, baby
Here comes the shot, scream out my name!

Pulling triggers
What a dangerous game we play
Someone might end up deaf

Do you wanna play?
I can do this all day
Till my fingers fall off
I can do this all day

What we have here must be sort of a hypnosis
I am bleeding from my fingers and from my ears
But it's my heart that tells me let's do this
My brain's been losing this war for years

Let's add some volume, let's crank it just a little bit
The earth is shaking and the walls might explode
The neighbor's called the cops but frankly I don't give shit
We can escape, we can hit the road
Track Name: Hops Farmer
Hops Farmer

I’m a farmer – that’s what I do
I wake up early in the morning to work on my fields
I’m a farmer that’s for sure
I produce hops to add that bitter taste into your beer
I do this all my life – and I’ll do it till I die
It’s like a dream come true when I sell my sweet product to you

But there’s one thing that bothers me
Your demand’s not as strong as I’d like it to be
Why won’t you put more hops in your beer?
Why don’t you let me make some money?

Congratulations – you’ve bought yourself the finest pint of bullshit
Imagination is strongly recommended – all you have to do is fool your brain to consume it
Heavy carbonation is the only you’ll remember, the rest is just water, you’re pathetic

So here’s one reason why I don’t sleep
Your demand’s not as strong as I’d like it to be
Why won’t you put more hops in your beer?
Why don’t you let me make some money?
Track Name: Dreamjob

I moved to the city - to get a university degree
They said it would surely ensure my future status, stability and dignity
Is this how it works, oh is that right, cause I've been feeling foolish most of the time
This ain't my vision, this future ain't bright, I will aply for a job of my desire

So please don't tell me that you don't want me
I'd really love to be a taster in brewery

I would drink your beer, I would tell you it's good
I promise I would work as hard as I could
I would take my work home I would drink overtime
I'd love it all day long - that's not a crime

Don't try to tell me this job doesn't exist
That can't be true, oh god, what have I missed
Think it through I am your guy to hire
Getting paid for drinking beer's a job of my desire

So please don't tell me that you don't want me
I'd really love to be a taster in brewery - seriously!

What did you say? I should get the fuck out?
It's your decision. but I'll set your ass on fire
And then I will go, take my gun and rob a bank
Start my own brewery and then I'll pay them back.

And that's what I will be - a taster in my own brewery
And you will feel sorry - and that's the end of the story.
Track Name: Having a good time ain't no crime
Havin’ a good time ain’t no crime

You seem troubled, I’m afraid I know what’s on your mind
You look like someone who’s just paid a ticket for drinking beer outside

I know they’re takin’ away our freedom to drink wherever the hell we want
Don’t you ever forget that havin’ a good time ain’t no crime

I remember all those places where we used to sit
All the lazy afternoons and lazy sunsets
Heavy bags on our backs, jingling glass on our way back home
Cold tall boy, my best friend, now they tell us that we have to go

I know they’re takin’ away our freedom to drink where the hell we want
Don’t you ever forget that havin’ a good time ain’t no crime

Leave me alone, no one needs your protection
We don’t need more fucked up rules for everything that moves
Leave us alone, we ain’t no threat and fuck your morals
Stay away from our lives!
Track Name: Girlfight

Girl, come to me – I’m not your enemy
See the bitch over there – yeah, the one who stares
She said you’re a whore – and that you’re oversized
So what you’re gonna do about it – she told me you’ve got fat thighs

Girlfight! Girlfight!
Coming up next
Place your bets – on who’s gonna win
Is it she or she
Or me

Men like to gamble – it’s like a poker game
Except we bet on blood – and we feel no shame
Scratching cheeks, pulling hair
Punching boobs, g-string wedgie – oh god that’s not fair

Girlfight! Girlfight!
Coming up next
Place your bets – on who’s gonna win
Is it she or she
Or me

Guys, I bet you twenty dollars
Wait, let’s make it fifty
The blonde one’s gonna take down
The other blonde one in the third round

.When this is over
We’ll have few other beers
We’ll raise our pints and say cheers
And drink a shot of girl tears
Track Name: What makes you real
What makes you real

I’m drunk – so what? This is not my first time.
I’m drunk – maybe you should give it a try
Have I had too much? No. Though it might sound a bit rough
A man is never too drunk, nor is he not drunk enough.

He drinks precisely how much he means to..

Tea just makes you wanna pee
Coffee’s good – to beat the taste of garlic
Vodka? No, not even for free
I prefer not to pass out at a party

Drinking rum in the morning doesn’t make you a pirate
Whiskey? Ok, here we can make a deal
You like wine only with your girl – deny it
But beer, beer’s what makes you real.

And it tastes so good

I know i promised to come home – and forgot about that
Cause I was injencting beer in my head
I know you tried to call me and I never called you back
But I’ve got no regrets, I’d totally do it again.

I’d totally do it again, m'kay.
Track Name: Paddle from the shore
Paddle from the shore

I woke up one morning felt like going to the beach
I wanted to try out that surfboard you'd given me
Nice morning walk the ocean wasn’t far to reach
Here we go put the wetsuit on let’s surf in one- two-three

Then when I paddled from the shore
I saw there were no waves the sea was calm
How do I surf if I can’t get no speed
How do I surf if I can’t surf

No way I could stand on this fucking thing
I kept falling down for like an hour and hurt my knee
My self-esteem slowly began to shrink
I wish I brought someone to tell me: dude stop! One-two-three

No need to paddle from the shore
You see there’s no waves the sea is calm (you could have stayed asleep)
Small waves won’t give you enough speed
Don’t try to surf if you can’t surf

(Next time) Before I paddle from the shore
I’ll make sure there’s waves that it’s not calm
(if yes then I will stay asleep)
My waves are gonna give me enough speed
Next time I’ll try to surf I will surf!
Track Name: Snowsurfin'

Where we are from, there’s no sea, you know
No waves to break, no surf-tricks to show
But when winter comes we go to the mountains
Down the hill find a wave of snow and simply ride it

I can’t wait till we can finally go snowsurfin’
I really hope that this year we can go snowsurfin’

Unlike you, we’ve got no ocean
But we know that urge to get boards in motion
Moving fast, turning sharp, jumping highwe're improving
And every year we just want to go snowsurfin’
Track Name: Let's build a home
Let’s build a home

Baby I found a place
Just a few days ago
And I want you to say yes
It’s a place where I want to go

We’ll be there all alone
In the woods outside of town
Simply living on our own
I swear I won't let you down

Let’s build a home that we can be proud of
Leave our comfort zone far behind
We shall not wait, cause life is too short
Let’s build this home and live there forevermore

Baby look at all that space
Mowing the grass will take me half a day
But I’m still in love with this place
I hope you feel it the same way

We can buy a dog (or two)
And we can have a kid (or two, or three)
Wooden chairs by the pool
And a basement full of beer